Monday, August 25, 2014

The Annual Carnival!

Friday night was the annual CCLS carnival. 
There is no great story about ride drama, it was very (thankfully) uneventful.
Anne brought up before we even got there, that she probably would want to hang out with her friends.  (what the WHAT!?)  We explained that, that couldn't be an option because it was open to the community and we wouldn't know everyone, like usual.
Yep, that went over like poop in the punch bowl. 
BUT she respected it.
We get there, and her friends were all without their parents.  UGH!
I was firm, and said that is our rule....
that idea led to her spending the first 35 minutes, alone.  With us. 
We re-evaluated and came to the conclusion, that she should go with her friends, she just wouldn't know her daddy was close behind, but not intrusive.  It worked perfect.  She even ditched her friends for her daddy.  (so sweet)
We really had a great time.
Besides my heart weeping that my dear daughter wanted to be without us. ;)

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