Monday, January 26, 2015

the lady birds

so......i'm not sure if anyone in the world, let alone the zip code looks at this thing.  BUT one day I'm going to print it off-simply as an archive of our life. 
with that being said...this is huge news.  THE CHICKENS ARE LAYING EGGS.
I can officially say chickenS because today, we had TWO eggs in one day.
seriously, this makes my heart sing.
I am amazed at my excitement.
its really fascinating.  And truth be known. I HATE BIRDS-and on any given day....chickens included. they peck at my ring when I put the food in the coop, they jump out, in the rain, when i'm late for work, and have already done my hair....but i'm trying to be kind, as THEY ARE MAKING EGGS BABY!
as of today, we have 4 beautiful brown eggs.
yesterday was Sunday-there were no eggs. Maybe they know that it's a day of rest?  Maybe?
regardless, we have waited 25 LONG weeks for these little feather huts to pop out eggs and the time has come!
you seriously would think we won the lottery, or at least a scratch off when we cast our eyes on a purty little's just great! 
that's enough of my talk about eggs.  BUT one last thing....if we have figured right, in one year, those lady birds will produce upwards of 2400 eggs.  So if you have a hankering for pure brown, 'cage free' eggs....let me know.  We've got 'em. ;)

truth be known. I wish they had just a touch more emotion.  maybe a smile, or a glimmer to their eye.  NOTHING. just a beak, and beady little eye balls. ;)

~chat soon.

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