Sunday, March 29, 2015

a long time coming....

So....Anne turned 10 almost two months ago now...
It was such a fun day.
I planned a day of 'surprises' for her and each surprise had a clue.
It was so fun.  She loved it.
We started with clue #1.
surprise 1-The movies to see the new Annie....

Surprise 2-I don't have a picture. But, it was a trip to one of our favorite lunch spots...Sweet Tomatoes.


a jean jacket! (best $5 I may have ever spent)

speaker for her mp3 player....

an Anne proof camera (smash proof-water proof)
Surpise 3....

we packed a bag and drove 20 minutes down the road to the double tree....

I didn't take a picture of clue 4-but it was meeting mee maw and paw paw bob for dinner!

how did THIS happen?  TEN?!

When at a hotel with a pool.....SWIM! 

kate had a blast too! :)
~chat soon!

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