Saturday, December 26, 2015

shouldn't be so hard

sooo.  i have been under the weather the past few days.  christmas eve came and i had no voice.  zilch. not good timing. at all.  a mom has lots to say during the fleeting hours of christmas prep.
it was time to go to church and get the annual family picture.
watch closely as to what happens...
adam thought he was being HYSTERICAL...
until we got in the car and i flipped through the files on the camera and i went *hysterical with a squeaky yelling voice!*....

looks left

looks up

looks right

his smile is huge because he thought he was sooo funny

the crazy pose-and he looks right at the camera.

 Isn't it amazing how grown men can act like goofy little boys.  he STILL thinks this is the funniest thing ever!

 ~chat soon!

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