Friday, July 1, 2016

our little piece of heaven

we got home two weeks ago from south carolina.  it once again proved itself to be wonderful.  luckily, all bones came back intact and we were refreshed and relaxed the whole trip.

adam said this year that 'it was the best trip yet'.  i think he said that last year too. :) but each year does seem to be better then the next.

the girls really love it there.  it is comfortable and they know where everything is and what to expect.  it's just the best little place ever.  (for us anyway)

here are a few photos from the first day.

you'll notice with the beach pics that the tide was OUT-when it is out it is ohhh just a mere 500 yards out.  it goes forever.  while it can put a crimp in beach play, it is fun to wade in the tide pools, and dig around for shells and crabs in the sand.

the traditional waterfront park lunch stop.

just started clicking away and came out with the cutest pics.

our favorite dinner-fresh shrimp. like off the boat fresh.

a little visitor.

swimming into dusk.

the first peek of the beach.  it isn't a southern living photo....but its cute.

she was so happy to be there!

such spunk.


my heart just swells with this photo.

i just wonder what they were talking about.


~chat soon!

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