Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

I have lots to write about from this past week.
But-we will start with Easter.

I love Easter-I love the church services, the hymns, the meals, the excitement on the kids faces. I love it all.

annual Easter family pic.  I had the camera lurched on top of a trashcan when our neighbor came and said let me help you

This year we hosted the dinner.  The girls and I worked hard on Saturday food prepping etc.  We would have more time to enjoy the day, I thought to myself...

Kate is a great little helper in the kitchen, she is always careful and conscience
of what she is doing and takes the directions very seriously.

I asked her to take the ham and put a few other items in the fridge in the basement on Saturday-to make more room in the kitchen refrigerator.  I did not double check that it was put in the fridge, I just knew I could trust Kate to do that for me.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon it was about 1:30 and it was time to put the ham in the oven.  Kate ran downstairs to get the ham for me and proudly placed it on the counter.  I heard a thud.  The kind of thud that makes you think there was a bowling ball put on the counter instead of a nice, plump, ready for the oven ham.  I gently laid my hand on the ham-IT WAS FROZEN-SOLID!!!!  Hard as a rock, 24 hours in the freezer will do that to a ham.

I went slightly nuts.  Kate tells me my face got red and she thought I was going to pull my hair out.   I, in fact did throw my apron on the ground and walk out to the drive way for a minute.  Adam, keys in hand had Kate and said "we will be back, with a ham".

Thank goodness the little family owned Save A Lot was open and had hams still available for the price of gold.
still a little teary from the misunderstanding but proud of the find

Regardless-we had a ham, that was ready for the oven.

Family gathered, we shared the story, the house was full of people.
post hunt excitement 
The kids were all playing in the backyard after the egg hunt when I heard crying.  It was the type of crying that made me think someone hurt something, bad.  It was our little niece Devon.  She proudly mastered the monkey bars and wanted to show Anne one more time that she could do it.  BUT she didn't make it, she fell, on her elbow.  It was decided she should probably get an x-ray.  Word came that she did in fact fracture her little elbow.  She was all smiles when she came back to our house with a shiny blue sling and a nice splint on her arm.

the ham.  the "golden ham".

Another holiday for the memory books!

~chat soon!

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