Monday, May 27, 2013

first field trip of the summer

Page down for the story....
we waited a long time, but finally got to the tram station to catch a tram.

so excited
enjoying a little drink with lunch
thumbs up mom...
anne decided that she wanted to try giving the llama a snack...
anne was brave enough to feed the llamas
kate has a new fetish-sounding like a rooster-almost has it down perfectly....she will just be sitting calmly and SHOUT out COCKADOODLEDOOO!!!she saw the chickens and went at it!  hysterical.
sweet anne
crazy Kate-check out her tounge sticking out of her tooth hole.:)
the goats were so full from everyone feeding them...they weren't quite so aggressive
kate decided they were old enough to go in the goat pen to feed the goats.
loving that SHE came up wtiht idea to enter the pen.
a little unsure-but inside the goat pen-feeding the goats.
she even thought she could pet one...
ended the trip with a serving of dippin dots.
 This past Friday, Kate and I picked Anne up from her last day of school and headed to Grants Farm...I thought it was a novel idea-apparently so did the rest of the metro area.  We trooped on and proceeded to go. It was so fun-we are spoiled and go so often, and live so close, that if it is full-we usually just pass it up,so it was a little different that we had to WAIT for things. :) To top it all off-I surprised them and said we were going to EAT there...again, the rest of the county had that same idea-but the girls were so good and so excited, it was worth it. 

We are so excited about all this summer has to offer.
~chat soon!
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