Friday, May 24, 2013


so, truth be known...i am not just a huge lover of watching time FLY PAST ME...
but, i have fallen victim of this very thing.
as of today-Adam and I officially have a KINDERGARTNER AND A THIRD GRADER whom will be starting school in August.  (insert sara spending lots of time with a tummy ache)
we are so very proud of Anne. she had an amazing teacher this year and worked very, very hard.
i'm looking forward to (sort of) watching her blossom even more in third grade.
sweet Anne on the first day of 2nd grade...curly and ready to take it ON!
sweet Anne on the last day of second grade-all tattoed up and ready to chill for summer.

Anne and her teacher.  This lady was the closest thing to a QUEEN that Anne has ever met....wonderful lady.
 ~chat soon!

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