Tuesday, April 21, 2015


in our house, we are very, very, VERY thankful spring has finally arrived.
this past winter was heavy.  lots of weird things going on.
adam's very best friend, Glen passed away suddenly.
the shock from the news was hard and the journey of grief has been difficult.
a couple business glitches.
a bit of a "come to Jesus" that didn't directly effect me, but i was involved with, with work. (long story)
some saddening news about a friend.
major 4th grade drama for Anne with grades and work. (we worked through it)
just one stinkin' thing after another....some big, mostly little, but over and over again...
i'm happy, i know, for longer days, brighter sunshine, green grass and flowers, more then i've ever been.
if nothing else, it has proven that we are tough, and that we can hold on tight and get through stuff-big or small.

It has made Adam and I realize our strength, faith, and foundation.  It's been a good learning experience for us!
i know this is rather vauge.  but it just needed to be stated-in case i/we have seemed distracted, out to lunch, no mentally present...it's not you. It's US! :)

~chat soon!

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  1. Love you ALL with ALL of our HEART!!