Monday, May 2, 2016


So. Kate has always been very fearful of getting her ears pierced.  She just flat out refused.  One night she was really wrestling with the idea of getting her ears pierced. "I want to, I don't wan't to...on and ON"

One of my students, who I will refer to as B is in love with the idea that I have daughters-there is always one or two that can't hardly believe you live outside your classroom, yet have a family.  B has her ears pierced and I was chatting with her how Kate will NOT do it.  She wrote Kate a note and gave it to me to give to her, to help change her mind. (how cute is THAT!?)  The next evening, I came home and gave it to Kate after dinner-what I thought was an ingenious idea, turned out to be a total melt down-tears and all.  Adam and I just rolled our eyes and thought "oh well"....the next morning she came to us and said, I WANT TO PIERCE MY EARS THIS WEEKEND.

So. We did.  We went on Good Friday and the job was finished.  Katherine is now the proud owner of two ears with cute studs in them.

Fast forward one week...
I get a call from Adam:
A-school just called.
Me- OH?! I say...( in my head I say....&^% I can't take the day off-I'm not ready for a sub)
A-Kate is screaming
Me-could we hurry this conversation up
A-her earring has fallen out and she thinks the hole will close up before you pick her up
Me-WHAT!?  Just WHAT do you MEAN FELL OUT?!
A-I don't know, The secretary called-she put Kate on the phone, Kate was hysterical, the gym teacher cleaned her own earring and put it through the ear hole so it wouldn't close by the time you picked her up.
Me-ooookay.  I'll update you after school.

So.  I pick her up from art club-the teacher tells me that she is fine, and the earring can be returned to Mrs. K and all is well with the world....
We get to the car for Kate to tell me she was WHIRLING her lunch box around her EAR (in caps for her loudness in the story) the zipper got hooked and when she continued to whirl it yanked the stud right out.  OUI.  That is all I have to say.  So I drove our little SUV to the mall in rush hour to get another earring re-inserted in her ear for another 20 bucks.  Don't worry, they have me a 50% discount for just needing one earring...

As we were walking out-I simply said.  Your piercing budget is!

It's just us!

~chat soon!

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