Wednesday, May 4, 2016

was going to....

any parent that is in the throws of may-or june, knows that it is just nutsville.  the girls have a lot of 'end of the year' activities/ceremonies/events.  my school has the same deal going on during the day.  my brain is just about spinning....but we are loving it.

house is a mess.  laundry is KIND OF done.  homework we just completed (9:17pm) one of those ummm....MOM....i'm supposed to.....kind of homework assignments. :) checking off things that are urgent to be's just that time of year.

i had the best plan to put the girls to bed and knock out some great/not so great things that have happened in the past few months that i have not put on this dusty ole blog....but it is now 9:48pm and i need to start report cards.  my last day of school is NEXT FRIDAY--i need to get to it! 

earlier tonight-we got to see sweet anne perform in her band concert.  she started playing the flute in september.  we are so proud of her.  she plays beautifully.  the concert was awesome, and the director literally took us through measures of the very first songs we heard early on, all the way to the current pieces they are working on.  and. like a true momma, (who may or may not have pms) i got a little teary when the band stood up, proudly, and bowed. 

2nd concert ever.  bun in her hair.  not sitting like a lady....

now.  onto report cards....
~chat soon!

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