Tuesday, November 20, 2012

panic mode....

um hello.
it's me. sara.
and i am a little nervous.
tomorrow night, i we are hosting thanksgiving dinner for adam's family.
i (in a whisper voice) have never made a turkey....never. ever.
i have hosted just about every other holiday, at least once, since we have been married.
things needed to be switched around a bit so dinner is  here. at our house.  i can't let anyone down.
i'm excited, a little energized by it.  bought a new table cloth, a table runner...pretty cloth fall napkins....
but then there is the....TURKEY! that frozen (well, not anymore) little bundle of yum freaks me out.
as my coworkers were laughing and pointing at me, i put it in simple terms....
when you think of thanksgiving, you think of turkey, stuffing, potatoes (sweet and white) beans, cranberries...
and of course counting your blessings.
any other holiday it's simply food.  maybe you can't quite pinpoint it...but always on thanksgiving, there is the above said food....eeks.
lots on the table (pardon the pun)
i couldn't let my semi control freak conscious down....so i GOOGLED basically a manual that has been walking me through this.  hysterical.
but i have to admit....so far so good.
i have 2 make ahead dishes done, veggies cleaned, bagged, and ready to go in different sides, table set....and that bird.  sitting on the shelf in the fridge, just WAITING to be cooked.
so think of me tomorrow....and pray for that turkey.  that it is okay.  and yummy....just pray.
~chat soon.

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