Friday, November 2, 2012

who's idea is this anyway?

so....halloween, as i have told before, is not my most favorite thing.
my opinion has improved on the subject over the past few years as i see the chicks excitment, but it's a killer on my patience.  between the crazy school kids, the crazy daughters, and then the aftermath...ugh. 
just not my favorite.
so tuesday, we started to carve pumpkins.
about 4 minutes prior to that, anne realized she forgot her whole homework folder.
so anything she needed to do tuesday night would have to be done wednesday  night.
that sent me into a bit of a fit...but we all calmed quickly and just shrugged...what else can you do?
adam is the pumpkin carver, he gets scared when i start cutting on things, apparently i don't hold a knife 'right'...anyway, he has just taken it under his hat of responsibility...
so here we are...
the 4 of us.
coming out of a major i forgot my folder meltdown.
with 4 pumpkins with their lids off.
the girls are supposed to be scooping out the guts.
seeds are flying everywhere.
anne starts crying becasue there is a cut, that is sore from the pumpkin guts.
i'm trying to take pictures, because this is no matter how silly to me, a memory that the girls will want to see...
adam took over the gut scooping.  it was just easier that way.
anne went dutifully to designing her face.  we had kind of said we wanted them to be one of each of us.
but she drew a cat.  we don't have a cat. but what's the big deal?
the big deal is when daddy can't create the cat that anne clara had in her head.
oh boy....more meltdown.
mom has loud voice.
kate gets nervous.
daddy says 'who's idea is this anyway?'
we all settle back down.
i go out to the car and hand over a pumpkin i needed for an activity for the next day at school.
adam creates something suitable for anne.
and we clean up...very helpful kate starts cleaning up the seeds, then she dumps the entire bowl of goo and seeds all over the floor. 
kate sobs.  and sobs. and sobs.
i continued cooking dinner (albeit a new recipe) and said WHO'S IDEAS IS THIS ANYWAY?!
i only grabbed a couple photos...

anne taking pictures instead of scooping.

prior to the pumpkin meltdown 2012

thought this was super cute....
 hope your pumpkin carving was a little calmer then ours. ;)
~chat soon!

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