Wednesday, November 14, 2012

this post was not supposed to be like this....

nothing major. but it was going to be kind of funny...and cute.
but....well, i am just gonna let it roll how it really rolled and you can decide....

this weekend was deer season in missouri.  adam scored a nice deer pretty early saturday morning.  i was happy for him.  if you are a true hunters wife, you know deer season is a pretty huge deal.  he decided to stick it out the rest of the weekend...he came home with just one deer (thank you Lord....)  the weekend was fun.  i had opportunities i don't usually have (photography etc.)  it was busy too.  when adam is gone, i don't cook.  at all.  we eat out.  almost all of the time.  and if we don't i make pancakes for dinner and its a win win for everyone (i know....gross)  saturday evening i took the girls to the park for Christmas card photo's.  they turned out good.  we went to culvers for dinner. (love that place). came home to anne doing a complete 180 with her mood....she got upset because i had already rented the movie that i had rented for the weekend for 'girls movie night'....she just wasn't herself.  she went to bed. as well as kate and i.  no problem.

sunday  morning, anne had to sing in choir.  she did a good job.  they are darling standing in front so tall and proud.  anne then found several reasons (as well as her dear sissy kate) to leave the service.  it took  me a bit to realize there were several tables of COOKIES set up for the advent fair.  both of them lied, or did not tell the truth about why they were needing to urgently use the potty...ugh.  i was not pleased.  they kept coming back with crumbs all over their mouths...i was not catching on.  i finally did.  ugh.

sunday afternoon, anne was still wretched we had tickets for the rockettes.  we were going with her sweet little friend libby and her mom.  all three of us were so excited.  it was a gross, wet, cold something fun and holiday-esq was perfect...we pick up libby and her mom.  everything is fine.  we grab some dinner from o'charleys...things go funky.  kate was screaming because she couldn't have soda. (she hates soda).  they fought over pens, scribbled one each others papers, and anne, especially was extremely sassy.  all girls can be sassy, but generally she isn't in front of people.  i could have croaked.  i finally said, 'anne you need to stop.' anne repeated in that wierd high pitched voice that all girls do when mocking their mothers...'annnne  you need to stoooooop.'  only by the grace of God did I not crawl across the table.  ugh.  
we got to the show late.  the 5 of us got turned around in the venues parking garage and couldn't get out. (don't ask)  the show was awesome.  we walk out and it was raining like CRAZY.  horizontal, and cold as heck.  the girls were good, except for the puddle splashing in the middle of the ally...but we all lived.  long story was dark, raining, and the girls (mainly anne) screeched the whole way home.  she wouldn't listen a lick.  by the time we got home and i put them in bed, i was so embarrassed i cried.  i even said to adam, 'i hope she is getting sick, otherwise i think i may just have to quit!'

fast forward to monday...we all went to work/school...i picked anne up from her afterschool club she goes to once a week...i took one look at her and said OH ANNE!  she was as white as sheet, glassy eyed, and feeble looking...she croaked out 'mommy i don't feel sooo gooood'....she was right, she was BURNING UP!  

we ran through the store real quick to graab some dinner fixings and got home to a temperature check of 102. lovely.  i tried to make dinner...chili as a matter of fact.  i burned the meat, and then realized i only had PART of the fixings for the chili.  WHAT THE WHAT????!?!?!??!?!

adam was running late, i fed the girls some noodle mixture and sat and sulked.  panicking that i didn't have substiute plans.  everything worked out.  i got to work at 6am to create plans for the sub. took anne to the doc, just knowing she had strep to only hear the words....'she has a virus'...(grrrr)....and got a lot of laundry and photo editing done.

i'm sure i lost you in the second paragraph...but that's what happened this weekend.  



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