Monday, June 24, 2013

vacation part 1.

we went on a very long awaited family vacation.
just the four of us.
adam has been working his fingers to the bones-his business is growing like mad, but when you are a small business owner, there is no 'closed' sign. :) we made it a point that THIS YEAR we were going on vacation. out of town.  far away.
we headed back to one of our most favorite places, harbor island, south carolina. 
it is just the best little place next to heaven.
harbor island is located in the 'low country' of south carolina.
it is a quaint high rise condo's, no neon flashing lights-totally our speed.
the beach scene is that from a movie-quiet...maybe a family here or there on a beach blanket, but not rows and rows of people.  again, just our speed.
we enjoyed seven days of 100% together time.
adam shut off all work-except for an occasional peek at an email (but no one was emailing-guess what THEY KNEW HE WAS GONE! :)  or a wondering thought of a salesperson...but other then that it was a anti work, anti stress vacation. 
i took  500+ photos-i will spare you from most of them, but here are a few-and hold on for a few more days of cheesy beach shots.
waterfront park. 

first peek at the beach (told you adam has been inside too long-poor guy is pale!)

i wish i could have captured the squeals we heard from the girls...

horseshoe crabs-HUGE. and kind of creepy.


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