Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation part 3-

vacation day 3-we decided to go on a field trip.
we headed to hunting island...a state park that is awesome. really, it has a beach, a rainforest type forest, and a lighthouse...
then we headed to town for lunch, the candy store, and a trip through the farmers market.
it started to get cloudy and rainy, the girls got a little skittish so we cut that trip short and headed back.
the sun had us pretty toasty the day before so the clouds were a welcome gift for wednesday.
dinner was a rain out so we headed to a restuarant for a fun supper of fried EVERYTHING for me and frogmore stew for the girls and adam.

kate always wants to toake our picture with  my camera....we let her this time.  i think i love it. :)

the girls are at the very bottom.the little specks.

lunch time by the water

oysters.  adam's favorite-not so much for us.

and this is our kate. :)

my dream (but a diabetics nightmare)-bins and bins of CANDY! :)

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