Friday, June 28, 2013

vacation part 2 of part 4...

so the pictures were taken.  we deemed them as acceptable and then adam gave me the 'adam look' and said...'you SIT here and i'm going to go get someone to come for you.' 
i started begging, crying, NONONONONO PLEASEICANMAKEIT(i think)THEY WILL ASK WHAT HAPPENED AND MAKE ME FILL OUT PAPERWORK--NONNONONNON.  then i took a few more steps, and said, Yes, PLEASE go get someone....
so the girls and adam trudged off for help.
i sat in the sand, with my camera in my lap, trying to act as 'normal' as possible. 
trying to breathe.
praying my foot was not broken.
praying that whomever was going to come for me would come quick.
praying i wasn't going to pass out in the sand, in a lump.
then the girls came running with adam.
followed by an a.t.v.  with a security guard on it. 
ohmygoodness.  i was so embarrassed.
adam got me up and put me on the cart and away we went...
i cried the whole ride back with this strange security guy-
i kept apologizing..i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry...
finally he said, 'ma'am you did nothing to me' 
but do you think we should call 911? 
NO!  NO WAY!  it's just my foot-
adam and the girls met us on the parking lot by the condo we were staying in.
adam said, i'm going to get your purse and a bottle of water.
i had no idea why i needed my purse-i was going to go to the condo and sit down for a minute.
he knows me way to well to say do you think we need to go?  because I would have said NO WAY!
i couldn't argue if he didn't give me a choice, right?
so away we urgent care of Beaufort, sc.
beaufort is a lovely little town.  i was slightly nervous about going to the urgent care but it was about our only option...besides the hospital and i was NOT going to the e.r.
i hobbled in on adam's arm and was greeted by a very nice lady, named bet at the front desk.
she smiled sweetly and said in the thickest southern accent..'oh ma'am, do you need to be seen?'
and with that the flood gates opened and i snorted and snotted and cried my whole story out...
again, she smiled sweetly and said i'll get you a wheelchair. 
we filled out the necessary paperwork and i was whisked to the back.
where i sat, and had to explain the story again.
the nurse, named twiggy (i kid you not) took me for xrays.
we were chit chatting, she wanted to know what brought us to south carolina etc...
and finally i you think my foot is broken?
she said, well, we will now in a  minute -but if i had to put money on it i would say several places.
oh &^%$ i thought.
so we waited for the xrays to load up and she said, 'well, i'm looking at them right now, i see nothing, you wanna come and take a LOOK?'
i can't type what i said OUTLOUD when she asked me but i can tell you i apologized for the slip of the tongue.
i explained that i am just a second grade teacher and i can't really tell a toe from a finger in an xray so i probably wasn't the best source.
twiggy laughed and said she was going to send it to the 'big hospital' in savannah and they would get back to us.
ugh.  today?  i said.
yes, i will mark it STAT and they will get right back.
i guess it was fairly quick-and the 'big hospital' determined it was not broke. bruised and sprained badly
so twiggy wrapped it up and gave me a lesson on crutches and away i went.
so as of today-i am on day eight of crutches.
i am healing-at a turtles pace. i mean a very, very slow turtle. 
i have been reevaluated here and all signs show it will just be a long road of crutches, limping, and ice. 
if you know me-you know i am NOT patient when it comes to having to sit.  at all.
this week has been long.  there have been lots of tears, huffiness, and pouting on my part.  BUT it the grand scheme of things it could have been soooo much worse.  so i am thankful it is just a bum foot and a sore rib. 
we continued our day after urgent care with an amazing lunch, and then adam so sweetly drove me to the pool and parked me in a lounge chair, he played with the girls until they were so tired they could hardly keep their eyes open.
in a place like south carolina, you can't even be grumpy about a foot! 
adam thought this would be hysterical.           

~chat soon!

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