Sunday, September 29, 2013

so fun

we got there just about ten minutes before show would have thought it was TWO HOURS....passed the time with photos
not sure about the toothy smile...but she was excited.  and looks twelve.
not only did she get to go to Disney on ice she FINALLY fit in her 6x butterfly sweatsuit from Meemaw last year. :)
swoon. mickey in a hot air balloon.  LOVE
so excited and proud.
she cracks me up.
wore that crown the whole time. 
curtain call.  kate said it was her favorite because they were all out together. :) love her logic
watching the last seconds.
mickey came out.  she loves him.
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Yesterday, I took the girls to Disney on Ice.  We usually surprise them the day of, but for some reason, this year I told them ahead of time.  They were so excited.
We have gone numerous times.  It's always fun, but this time was SO FUN.
The girls literally sat on the.edge.of.their.seats. the whole time. 
Kate belted out the tunes. Anne clapped. 
At one point I had a lump in my throat.  So stupid.  I do that everytime. 
It's so cute to see them so excited they could pop.
I set limits this time on purchases.  We were only getting snacks. 
One got cotton candy (hardly a snack) but it did come with a crown that had Mickey Ears and the other picked Popcorn that came in a tote bag. Today we took the tote to church. :)
Someday these two girls are going to be too old to watch Mickey and Cinderella skate around magically on the ice...but I'm just not even going to worry about that right now. 
It was a great time. 
Love those chicks.
~chat soon!


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