Wednesday, September 18, 2013

this boot is made for WALKING.....

my right leg looks incrediably large and doesn't in real life...i promise. :)

today. today was a very, very, glorious day....
i have been dealing with a bum foot for almost 3 months (2 days shy of 3 months as a matter of fact...)
and today i received answers and relief. 
i found out yesterday, that i have multiple fractures in my metatarsals (little bones in foot)  they were injured in my little acrobatic stunt in south carolina on vacation.  the initial diagnosis was a sprain....which indeed it was.  i was told at the urgent care that it would be quite awhile before it healed.  upwards of 3 months. 
time went on.  the swelling and bruising went away.  i didn't need to limp AS was looking up.
then i went back to work.  and i realized it hurt. like a BIG DOG.  like the biggest dog i have ever dealt with.  oi. 
i got up some courage and called an orthopedic practice near us.  i went.  i was given orders for an mri on the grounds of tendon rupture.  oh man...oh man...the googling i did...there was really only one fix-surgery.  i fretted and worried and googled and cried a little bit. 
we went to dinner with some close friends of ours-the mrs. is a nurse, who happens to know the docs in the practice.  her exact words were DO NOT RETURN TO HIM.
so i cancelled the mri.  cancelled the follow up and found another, very reputable doc. 
he concluded that my foot needed help.  it was messed up.  i was scheduled and MRI for that evening and i was on my way.
i got the call at work yesterday, it was the sweet nurse on the other end, she was kind of upset.  i needed to come in.  right soon as possible.  i had multiple fractures. 
lovely.  i calmly explained that it had been this way for almost three months, not sure if one more evening would just be the end...we agreed that i would come in the next day.
i was to come in first thing this morning to get set up.
they put me in a room...i sat down and started sweating.  it had multiple buckets of....plaster.
i wonder how THIS is going to turn out I thought.
doc came in.  explained the mri results.  explained the next steps.
a boot for 4-6 weeks.
a bone stimulator (that won't hurt he says) for up to 3 months.
and we will reevaluate in a month to see how everything is moving along.
they plunked me in my boot and off i went to work.
i asked.  because of course i would...what happens if things aren't moving along.
he said simply, we will deal with that then.
i asked if there is an issue with how 'old' the injury is....
he smiled and said absolutely!
that the success rate is GREATLY decreased...but that this is the best place to start.
the last two weeks have been extremely stressful...mainly because of the beast called google.
i was ready for the worst case scenario...and think i got at the present...the best.
i can tell you that the boot makes me feel GLORIOUS.  i can't walk super fast, because i'm afraid if i start, i won't stop...and it does make the bones hurt just a little, because i assume they are kind of finding their original home and they aren't quite use to that yet...but when i do doesn't make me say bad words, or grimace.  in fact, it doesn't hurt, a bit!
i pray, that my boot, i have named well, and that my stimulator, that i will name stanley when i receive it stimulates whatever it is exactly that it needs to do to make my foot back to the way it was at 9:15am on june 20. ;)
~chat soon.

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