Saturday, December 21, 2013

just some ordinary days in December

this is Santa Anne-she was making the naughty/nice list for the family.  all fun and games till she put Kate on the naughty list
dressed up for the school Christmas program
smiley jack
goof ball
the program is always darling-they always have some sort of a prop-this year they had these darling glasses-it's COOL to love Jesus!
tons of heads with the cool glasses
I have been REALLY working on enjoying the Christmas spirit-and not rushing through all the activities-while saying that, I haven't had a LOT of exciting stuff to snap a picture of.  I flipped through camera and found some must shares! :)
I don't have pics of Anne because she was on the other side of the church, OF COURSE!  So anyway, Anne was there-but I couldn't catch her!
~chat soon!
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