Thursday, December 26, 2013

the day after the week before...

the calm before the storm-Christmas eve 2013

it's December 26th. the day nearly every parent is the most tired they will be all year. ;)
I love it.
our Christmas was just right.  Christmas spent with family-great church service, lots of yummy food, and good belly laughs.

the girls are at such a fun age-they are in love with everything that has a bow and a tag with their name on it.

it is 12:14pm and I am thinking I really must get the day started.  but, I may wait till 3pm. 
susan comes home at 5pm.  that should give me plenty of time to do whatever it is you do the day after Christmas! (for me-that is usually sit and stare!)

I think first on my list-eat dill dip leftovers with fresh veggies. 

Lots to still be excited about-a whole week filled with fun and festivities!
~chat soon!

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