Saturday, December 7, 2013

Santa baby.....

This morning we went to see the Disney movie Frozen.  It was DARLING!  The theater offered free passes if you brought in canned food.  DEAL! (I might add-that was really an amazing thing-there were boxes upon boxes upon boxes of canned food-made me a little banks will be filling!!!)

Then we went to see Santa.  It was darling.  We went to the Oakland House.  Santa was there, with cookies, candy canes, puppet show, and a story.  The girls loved it!

Anne mentioned to me quietly-'I know he isn't the real Santa'....( gets fuzzy)
me-oh? really
A-yep, he's the helper.  Santa is so busy, he doesn't have time to come talk to us.
A-the real Santa is a busy guy.
A-I mean it!
me-good! :)

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