Friday, November 20, 2015

celebrating kate

so. kate turned 8 almost a month ago.
we had a fun little party for her mid october.
there are so many october birthdays in her class/grade that we combined her party with another sweet little october birthday girl.
it was a blast.
the weather was good.
the kids had fun.
it was an old fashioned birthday party.
just perfect.
i'm so glad we did it.
party favors


more crafts-super cute wooden owls

the big sissys held the limbo pole-they were so excited...can you tell?

love this

goofy little crew.

we had a carmel apple bar and hot chocolate-perfect.

best of buds

two thumbs up-even a broken one...

i looked and looked to see why they all had the same mouth position-vampire teeth.  does it everytime!

hats made from the two parts of the pinata. 

~chat soon!

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