Monday, November 16, 2015

how did i forget to write about this?

so....kate's birthday weekend we went c.a.m.p.i.n.g.
for real.

i love nature. i love being outside. i love absorbing everything that God has made.
but-i really love a toilet. a shower. and a bed.

mid september adam came home and said LOOK WHAT WE BOUGHT-and showed me a picture on his phone-of a....wait for it...camper.

really ticked.
there are lots of things on the list of things we need/need to do. and a camper was NOT one of them.

time passed. i saw it. (and smelled it,,,yuck)
as they say...time heals.
so we picked a date to take the camper for a weekend. (we share it with two other families) and went.

it was the most fun i have had in a long time.
i don't mean like a crazy wild time but just a great, relaxing time.
bon fires. smores. bike riding. sitting. lots of sitting. lots.of.sitting.

the girls are nature girls.  we opened the camper door and off they went.  it was just awesome.
too bad it was the last weekend before the parks close for the winter-it was just a big tease.  we have some spring weekends already on the calendar, and are counting the days.

this was about 8:10am-really too early for me.

busy little guy

the played all weekend in this little pre built leaf thing

sassy shasta as i call it.

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