Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big day!

Anne Clara's birthday party was today.
This was a really big deal.
Her first party, that included friends. 
We arranged for it to be at Dierbergs School of Cooking.
Awesome.  Awesome. Awesome.
Anne and Adam watch cooking shows on a regular basis.  It was only appropriate.  She invited her little gals from school and our dear friend, Julies, sweet daughter Katy. 
The girls had a blast.  They got to make their whole lunch.  (it was a underwater adventure theme...hotdog octopus, treasure chest desert, and island punch (or something similar.)
Anne got to help make the punch, and mac and cheese by herself. 
Really, too cute. 
I have been grinning all day.
A few pictures in no particular order....
The invite, favors for the girls, and the tag on the favor. :)  (i had fun)
Birthday donuts.

Group shot, harder then I thought it would be. ;)

the food.

all the things the girls participated in.  birthday girl did the punch and pasta solo.  everyone else participated in the hotodog and dessert making.
~chat soon!

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