Friday, February 4, 2011

the whine.....

south carolina this past summer...i couldn't get it centered with the Polaroid effect-you get the drift.
I have been off school, the.whole.week.
I'm really on the verge of going INSANE.
Its waaay to cold to drag anyone out in.
It's slippery as all get out and I don't want to risk an injury (there is the stick in the mud side of me)
Adam works from our home, so that is always a little tense, when we are in his territory and vise versa.
Regardless, its been kind of a looooooonnnnnnnnnggggg week.
Last Friday, we picked Anne up from school, she was starting a fever.
It ran clear through until Monday. Not one other symptom, just fever.
Okay, so last night when I was getting ready to make Chicken and Dumpling's.  from you guessed it, Pioneer Woman (they were by far, the BEST. ever) Kate decides to UPCHUCK all down my back ( I was holding her, she was really all makes sense now.)
Adam swooped in for the cleanup, while I ushered her directly to the tub.
Afterwards, she was fine.
She picked at her dinner a little, drank some milk (don't ask why we gave her that...)
Kate fell asleep on the couch. Done. Adam put her on our bed for a bit and we watched some tv downstairs...
Fast forward 45 minutes.
I heard the percolator...I heard the gulp.... I heard the spew.
Back in the tub, Adam again, cleans up the grossness (he is really awesome, she starts to be feverish...I begin to freak on the inside...I call my mother to see if I can wash my bedspread even though it says to dryclean.  (i really think the chick at the cleaners is saying a silent prayer that I didn't waltz in there with a gooped up bed spread today.  I wiggled it into the machine, and crossed my fingers.  It worked!)
So here we are today. I'm a zombie, she wouldn't sleep alone, but I didn't think we should put her in our bed, again soooo...We (me) laid on a pad of towels in her room...she talked to me most of the night about shadows, teddy bears, throats, where night nights come from, brown throw-up.
It was nice. (sarcastic)
Hopefully, after a good scrubbing, we will continue with our weekend. Barf free.
Don't worry, your pretty little heads...there is more SNOW IN THE FORECAST.
I write this on our 13th snow day of the YEAR!
Enough of the whine.
Maybe with a little wine this evening, everything will be right with the world again. ;)
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  1. I am sorry your last few days have been...well...yucky. I hope everyone is on the way to recovery. I miss you my friend... I will toast you with a glass of wine tonight and hope to see you again sometime this month.
    Stay well.