Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hi Mother's me again.*fixed*

I'm writing to you for the second time this weekend. Your deposit of winter weather this fourth weekend of March has been quite an unwelcome surprise. I do have to admit however, this morning, the sun shining and the blue sky made for a huge smile in awe of its beauty. I took a picture or two, so we will all remember this. LETS GET ON WITH SPRING! Fondly, Missouri

1 comment:

  1. Dear MISSOURI,

    MOTHER NATURE here.......

    so glad you were able to see the beauty and that I was able to put a BIG OLE SMILE on your face!! :)I try my best to do that......

    *****just a little heads up****.....keep your eyes peeled for Tuesday...I just may have something else up my SLEEEEVVVVEEEEE :)
    Till then.....
    KEEP SMILIN'!!!!!!