Saturday, March 19, 2011

missing teeth...

A few weeks ago, Anne lost another tooth. We laid it on the counter, went about our business, and when it was time to put it under the pillow the thing was GONE. We did everything but put out an All Points Bullentin for it. To calm Anne down, I had her write a note. (pictured above)
Fast forward to this past Thursday...she was at Debbies because Anne was on Spring Break. Debbie and I spoke at lunch and she mentioned that Anne was crying. She was very worried about her loose tooth and that Daddy would pull it at dinner time.
I told her not to worry about it, Thursday's aren't good days for that (what else do you say???)  and that we would think about it tomorrow. :)
After work, my phone rings. It's Debbie. She is telling me that Anne pulled the tooth.
HOLY MOLY. I thought.
But there is a problem. Anne is a little freaked out by blood. She pulled the tooth, saw the blood on the tissue and flushed the whole thing down the toilet. The tooth is gone. For real now.
I was sharing this story with Michelle, who just happens to work in the nurses office at my school, and she whips out a 'voucher' that lets the ol' Tooth Fairy know that your tooth fell out but you can't find the tooth now.
Michelle saves the day.
Thankfully, the 'voucher' system is a little less guilt laiden then the lette that Anne wrote!
~chat soon.
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