Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this girl...

has been workin' me lately.
i am not sure what it all means, but she is experimenting with her personality.
i'm not so sure i am in love with.
her name could be changed to anne sassafras....
she is certainly capable to be wicked.
adam keeps smiling and saying....it's all you sara, it's all you.
so i apologize.  if you have endured this side of me.  i deeply apologize.
especially to my mother.
i just didn't think i would be saying it when she was 6.
i think it is all new. to her. to me.  no one knows what to do with it.
it's not that big of a deal.
i'm just not a fan of being on the receiving end of it. (i hear my mother saying this in my head....)
but on the flip side.....
i was feverishly spring cleaning this weekend.
our laundry room especially.
we have a utility sink in there that is never used for anything, really.
i just dump junk in there.  it usually is heaping.  i'll be honest.
well, it was clean.  spit shine clean.
anne comes charging in, and screeches OH MY GOODNESS!  WHEN DID WE GET A SINK??????
i just clutched the sink and wept.
later i laughed.
but at the moment, i wept. 
that evening, in bed, i told adam i was sooo very tired "because i installed a sink in the laundry room."
oh boy....
anne clara.
i love you.
you are a miniature version of me.
i will own a hair dye corporation before you graduate high school.
and that is the truth! 
~chat soon!


  1. if you only knew how many times you will feel this way in the next few years... buckle up sister.... it gets bumpy at times....but the ride is worth it.

  2. Yes, it is Worth the RIDE !!!!!! Proud of you my daughter just as you will be as proud of Anne in a few years once you "brush off the dust" from the ride!!! :) Love you and trust me EVERYTHING WILL be OK!! ;)