Saturday, March 12, 2011

I have earned...

Hands down.
I'm the sole recipient this week.

Here's the shake down.
Thursday was Grandparents day at Anne's school.
It was quite an event, in the life of a kindergartner.
Adam has a networking meeting he goes to every Thursday morning, so he was not home.
I asked Anne to wear her 'fancy uniform shirt' (the button one that has a rounded collar.)
She threw I have ever seen.
I had to tap her cheek, I had to spritz water in her face.  Nothing would get her to calm down.
Finally, she admits, she thinks she looks like a boy when she wears that shirt (the boys wear oxfords)
None the less, because she had  reason, that I thought was valid, she put on her normal shirt.  We discussed it, it wasn't a boys shirt etc. life was good.
I was ashamed that our morning had to be that way, but whatever, that is how it is sometimes.
It was a super exciting day, because Anne would get to eat breakfast with the Grandparents at school.  They had asked for fruit trays, bagels,  One thing that day, that we didn't HAVE to accomplish (eating).
Fast forward.  My parents met me at the babysitters house to carry on the transportation for Anne to school, since they would be going anyway...Kate was so sad (head hanging and everything) that she wasn't five yet, and not able to go with them.  Sniff.
I dropped Kate off, and tearfully set off to work.
(now remind you the day before was a normal school day and parent teacher conferences, making for an obscenely long day.)
I kept watching the clock, anticipating when I could call mom to find out how it went.
Finally 11am came.
Dial the number....
Dad, Sara.
Mom there?
Hi, How did it go?
Oh good, it was cute.  We took her to class then went in that one room and ate breakfast.
Oh, then did they bring in the kids to eat?
Um, no.  Just us.
No. Why?
I DIDNT FEED HER!  I DIDNT FEED HER!  The invite made it sound like you all were eating together....
and on and on and on.
I ended the call.  Marched in the bathroom.
and cried. hard.
Poor baby.  I for sure was going to be taken in as unfit mother.  Making her almost wear a shirt that made her feel like a boy, trying to get her to stop having a fit by spraying water in her face, and now SEND HER TO SCHOOL HUNGRY.
Friday comes.
I send her in casual cause.
Misread the calendar. 
It was uniform Friday, not casual Friday.
Date night last night.
Sit and stare day today.
I should be back in the game, very soon!
~chat soon!

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