Thursday, December 27, 2012


it seemed this year, that Christmas came so fast...and left just as fast.
i hate that.
like i said in the post family's Christmas is tonight. and we can't wait!
so much fun...
here is a little recap of Christmas eve and day.  many, many pictures...starting with 12pm christmas eve and spanning until 10pm Christmas Day night...
awaiting the verdict from portable north pole...were they good or bad?

anne had a good report...kate was still waiting.

we always cram this in 4 minutes after we were supposed to leave...cracks me up.  good thing the picture can't talk! :)



traditional twas the night before christmas...

santa came

christmas morning...


anne got kate this green fiber optic thing from the santa shop at school...

too bad it was 20 degrees...she so badly wanted to t ake it out

tried a new recipe....for make a head cinnamon rolls...a keeper

trying out the new makeup kit.

kate got a camera.

annual Christmas day dinner at our house.


aunt linda liked her housewarming gift....(a 20 year old sausage)

anne got a video camera from santa...has not put it down.

mom reading the story for the gift exchange.

dad got his own batch of YELLOW SNOW!

Adam got mexican plates! 

the red glasses came back

lump of coal?

there was an extra gift...adam got it...a very beautiful lacy toilet paper holder! 

We had a always.

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