Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa baby....

This past weekend, we went to my school for the Winter Wonderland.
Santa is there.
I have not ever, taken the girls to the mall to see Santa.  It just hasn't happened.
I always take them to school.  It's free (for the teachers) and no line.  I get to use my camera...it's just right.
It was so cute.  They were still a touch anxious, but it was contained.
They were chatting with Mr. Jolly himself, when he looked at me and said 'Mom...did you tell them to say that?' 
Room gets fuzzy....what did the SAY?!
'This one here--looking at Anne, wants a duct tape kit to share with her sister.  And she told me she will take anything that I would want to bring them....'
kate squeaked out that she would like a  new bike...or anything he wanted to bring.
Santa just said....'that was sweet, mom.  Keep it up!'
I never told them what to say...I just told them to keep it real.  That santa can only do so much with the elves at the North Pole.
It made my day....

so fun!
~chat soon.!

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