Sunday, December 2, 2012

kate is thankful.

on thanksgiving day we went to church.
our church is large, and is filled with kids.
when our kids go to the children's message on a normal sunday, they usually sit amongst 40+ kids and off to the side.  no matter how hard they try to answer a question that the pastor asks, they usually don't get called. 
on thanksgiving the attendance was quite small. 
the girls went to the front of the church for the children's messagae.
pastor asked the kids some things they were thankful for.
our girls were sitting front and center.  kate was chosen to answer.
there was a long pause (her quitley saying her answer)  and then pastor laughed outloud and said well....this little one is thankful for cheese, flowers, and grass.  adam and i were hysterical.  it was a typical kate answer.  something odd, out of blue, and just kind of wierd.
after the service we asked kate what she was thankful for to see if she would say it...she said I TOLD THE PASTOR TREES not CHEESE!  hahahhahahhahah  even funnier.
so kate is thankful for TREES, flowers, and grass (although she is a lover of cheese.)
too cute.

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