Monday, April 1, 2013


I just LOVE Easter.
I think its because it is the entrance of a fresh start....spring is coming.
and of course the true meaning of Easter....

Here are some photos from Saturday and Sunday-

can't you just feel how hard she was focusing on not dropping the egg.:)

sister secrets

cracks me up-they look like mad scientist

think i should have them dye eggs every weekend-they were so happy

early morning, pre church, before the hair gets messed up family photo. :)

best ham ever...used the glaze recipe from pioneer woman-ohmygosh...

this was a tough one to get.  the cousins-missing some.:)

sweet Devon-our niece

great family photo
 Happy April!
Chat soon!

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  1. looks like a lovely holiday! You certainly got to spend it with some lovely people. Your kitchen is gorgeous. :)