Sunday, April 21, 2013


So the last two Saturdays have been S-L-A-M-M-E-D.
Not like anyone else's wasn't...but our Saturday's are usually relatively lazy.
The girls are currently in swim lessons on Saturdays late morning.
The past two weeks, we had to do April Showers for Girl Scouts-which means we go door to door dropping off bags for people to put personal hygiene things into and then the next week we collect the items, sort, count, and take them to a drop off point.

Today was the pick up day.  We had approximately  an hour and fifteen minutes to get this all done with about 6 girls-ugh.

We completed it, even early, no less....The girls and I took off to swim, which we made on time.
Then we stopped for some lunch.
Long story short-while on the way to drop the items off I got pulled over.
I wasn't in necessarily an unknown area to me, but it really isn't an area I travel frequently....I didn't know the speed limit but suddently got the feeling I was going way to fast.
Apparently so did the police officer-
I saw the lights and said....uh, girls, just stay calm. I'm getting pulled over.
Anne's eyes are as big as saucers.
Kate starts talking...about everything under the sun.
I explained to both of them that I NEEDED THEM TO SHUT THEIR MOUTHS.

Of course, it was one of those weird areas that there really wasn't a place to pull over....I felt like I had to drive a mile down the road before I could find a lot to pull into-the whole while whispering....I'm not running from you, I'm not running from you, I'm not running from you ....

He comes over and greets me.  Asks if I know why he pulled me over-I said seei'm notreallyfamiliar withthis area and irealizedd i was going to fastandyounoticeditatthesametime.....and i have a hatch full of personal care items i have to get to the girlscoutpeople before 3and....well....uhhhh..... (all run together like that)
He asked for my license. YES!  i said.....and how about your insurance?  ohdear i thought.....and i start digging in my glovebox....i find tampons, maxipads, wheels on the bus c.d.s  an insulin syringe (which i said quietly-i'm a diabetic....) insurance papers from 10,11,12....no13...he says, well, um, okay, i'll just go with this.  and walks away....i rip off my seat belt and dig in the box some more (didn't realize it was so full) lo and behold-I FOUND THE CURRENT ONE!  (i knew I had it.) 

A short time later-he comes over-he had all sorts of stuff in his hands, and a pen....i thought *&^% this ticket is gonna be pricey-i was going fast and it was in a very nice subburb-I knew they would stick it to me, which I truly deserved, mind you.
 I said LOOKIE HERE!  I found my current insurance papers...he responded with, oh great, and then shuffled one of his papers under the stack. then he explailned he was giving me a  WARNING for myspeed...please slow down and have a great afternoon. he hands me back my stuff and i say....a WARNING?!  REALLY?  OHMYGOSHTHANKYOUTHANKYOU  I JUST LOVE YOU!  (yes, you read that right...i told the officer I loved him-he laughed by they way.....(at me, i think.)then i got all nervous and said, oh i just really appreciate this....i mean really.  he started to turn and walk away to which i YELL OUT, officer? 
Yes, he replies? 
Have a nice day oh and THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!  (yes, again, i said that....yelled it to him actually) I bet that sweet officer from that darling suburb is STILL laughing at me. 

Can you tell that i have NEVER in my years of driving been pulled over and ONLY ISSUED A WARNING!

What a day. 

As I start the car back up-Anne says...welll, that was awkward. To which kate says-DO YOU REMEMBER THAT TIME LAST SUMMER YOU GOT PULLED OVER...SHEESH....that was scary she says.  this wasn't so bad....
Then, I start to pull away, it's always that awkward feeling-who goes first, you? the officer?  so i went...slowly. I was a shaking mess....I found the closest subdivision to pull into and i laid my head on the steering wheel....
I hear Kate's sweet little voice....'mommy, are you okay?'
Anne-'Mommy?!  are you okay?!"
Kate-I think she is having a heartattack.  in the softest little voice.

I laughed and cried all at the same time. :)
~chat soon!

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