Tuesday, April 16, 2013

some advice.

after yesterday's horrific events in Boston-I saw this post on a friend of a friends facebook page.

When events like this happen there is the temptation to get sucked into the coverage and spend hours in front of the TV. Resist that temptation. Giving in to it only gives power to those who would kill and maim and destroy. You will lose nothing by waiting until 10 pm for an update or waiting until morning. But if you use that time caring for someone in need, or saying your prayers, or even having a cold beer with a good friend ... you will have done your part to testify that the forces of evil will never, ever be victorious.

obviously this person who posted this, knew how unsettled i was. (not really, but i felt like it was there for me to read!)  i could rant and rave about all of it, and explain how psychotic i get when events like this happen on our homeland...but i'm not going to. i'm not going to pretend i know any bit of understanding about what the spectators, runners, and innocent bystanders endured. i am just going to pray for all involved.. even us-in the middle of the Midwest who feel lonely, and scared, and filled with nervousness.  

This was also helpful....I forgot about how oddly soothing Mr.Rogers can be-I need to remember this both at work and at home...I'm not sure why he did this little snippet, but it can help in a lot of different scenarios...

Chat soon!

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