Friday, April 12, 2013

not so good...

well, i have no idea what my problem is--i have not been so good with updating this blog.  I have fallen off the blog wagon.
i hate that...because i love writing on here.
i'm making a promise to myself that i will do this more often.
things are starting to slow down a bit here.  after school activites are ending.  less driving around and remembering things. 
i have 23 days of school to go.
it will be a wonderful thing, summer.
family vacation is planned.  deposit is down.  no turning back now!
weekends in the country.  my sister coming to visit.
i have the girls signed up for a few week long camps.  it's gonna be a great lazy summer.
can't hardly wait. 
stay tuned for more updates...
~chat soon.

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