Tuesday, March 4, 2014

36 on the 25

Adam had a birthday last week.
Adam is kind of quiet about birthdays.
He doesn't know why.  But he is.
This year was a little different for him.
His business has gotten bigger.  There are lots of employees. 
They are all very close, it's like a family.
One of the sweet girls texted me to know how old he was going to be.
I told her.
Then I said, WAIT! He doesn't like a big to-do about his birthday.
She said, oh. Okay, we can change our plan.
I said, NOPE!  Pour it on him!
And they did....
Lunch, decorations, cake with candles, balloons. 
Everyone participated.
He was grinning ear to ear when he got home.
It was awesome.
We had a quiet evening of dinner, and cake.
The girls and I gave him a wooden photo album with all of the hunting pictures we could find (from youth on) , organized them and put them into the album.  The pictures have always been in cruddy envelopes, shoved in boxes, in the basement.
He loved it.
It was complete by a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday sung over the phone by my momma! :)
I think his day was great.


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