Sunday, March 30, 2014

a big deal....

well.  the past two weeks have been kind of a big deal for us.
if you know us, you know that adam, since college, has had his own business.  it has become very successful over the years.  it hasn't been easy.  not one ounce of it has been easy.  it is a family business, and it is nothing shy of being that.  we often spend evenings and weekends working together, either behind the scenes or on the front line getting things accomplished.

the past two weeks have been NUTS for the family business.  adam was alerted that there was a business going out of business that was very similar to his.  but it had the printing aspect to it{-he contracts out for printing and does embroidery in house.} it was a very lovely deal.  the only unlovely part-it's about 35 minutes south of where we are.  there was no staff. there was a building, there was printing machines, but the people to run it-wasn't there. 

adam told me about the situation.  it was a no brainer....although my wife brain was saying WHAT THE WHAT?  it's 35 minutes south of where we live and the office is, he/we know little about screen printing and the process of it, and oh, don't forget there are no workers. 

the transaction was complete.  adam took the girls and I to the new location. (by new I mean additional).  it all fell into place.  the owner had decided she wasn't going to leave, she just didn't want to work 90 hours a week with 5 kids by herself.  (I get that)  she would like to sell outside the office.  the banner making lady (I don't know how else to refer to her) was called, and offered her job back, a screen printer who works far away from where she lives was offered a job, and accepted it.  she now works 5 blocks from her house. customer service positions are coming together, and adam is just there most days over seeing and making sure everything is falling into place.  the Good Lord once again had His hand on this deal and held us CLOSE!

after church today he and I went to the office and worked.  and worked.  and worked some more.  I complain often about how much he works-or I used to.  because I didn't understand why on earth it takes that much time to run a company.  after many years, I completely understand.  and while I don't love that we aren't always able to go to events together, and that we aren't always snuggled on the couch on a cold sunday afternoon, I get that it takes all a person has, and then some. 

I'm so excited for treetop, and adam, but am also slightly overwhelmed with all of it.  and that is okay.  hasn't been the first time for that feeling for us! :)

keep us in your prayers.  we thank all that have supported us through listening ears and prayers all these years!

here are a few pictures. I forgot my camera.  they are all from my phone. :(
this is the front of the doesn't have adam's business sign up.  I couldn't get the whole thing.  but you get the drift.

the front office/lobby.  this is it.  it's  a store front.  another frontier that we don't know about :)

a storage room.  filled with shirts.  my job was to sort that stuff.  good times.

this is a banner making machine.  who knew that's what it looks like.  decals.  banners.  signs.  that's what they come from.

chat soon!

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