Saturday, February 23, 2013


today,  adam and i have been married 11 years.
really hard to believe.
it feels like all i know is being a wife, but then again, it feels like just yesterday i looked at my dad and said, welp, let's the nice lady opened the church doors.

we always say...we couldn't have gotten this far without the other.  and man, is that the truth.
i could go on for paragraphs...but if you know me, and you know us.  you know we're ment to be together.
here are some pictures to bring back some memories...
i just looked at my! have they aged.

2nd favorite photo from our wedding.

I love this's maybe, a touch 'dark'  but the whole idea that the marriage is till the end, i LOVE.  i always tell my mom 'don't worry, we're cement'  forever, and EVER! :)

chat soon!

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