Friday, February 1, 2013


I picked the girls up from school today.  It was a cold, but sunny day, kind of made it feel like we were on the down hill slide of winter...even though my car thermometer said 9 degrees this morning...
anyway, Anne has been talking about the ear piering (ha) for a while now.

Adam and I talked about surprising her with ear piercing prior to her birthday.  So I did!
She was so excited.  But I could tell a little apprehnsive.  I asked twice, 'are you sure' and she answered twince 'yep!'....and she doesn't usually we went.

making just the right choice...didn't take long.  #34 rainbow daisy...

finding just the right spot.

and the other ear...

these two gals hid the 'gun' that they used behind their back, they came around either side of me.  looked like charlie's angels, and counted down from 5....that's when i got really hot and a little sweaty.

ew. i think that may have hurt. ;)

big eyes.

love this. so excited.

oh my gosh...can you feel her pride?!

 i loved that she had approximately 25 minutes to wonder/worry/think about it.
she was so proud and now so excited that she has them.
i heard her about 345 times tonight whisper...i just can't believe it.  i just can't believe it.  i feel so grown up.
love it. just love it.
~chat soon!

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