Saturday, February 9, 2013

birthday week in review....

big week.
birthday on thursday, birthday party on saturday.
i'm pooped if i can be honest. ;)

 she had kind of hinted that she wanted an american girl doll....we hadn't really said one way or another.  we gave her the above gifts, new dresses and a journal.  she was so unbelievably graciouis....and didn't even raise an eye that, that was what she was given....then we asked her to close her eyes.

she had been to ceramics her shirt usually isn't that filthy. :)

she really really wanted to go out to dinner...we talked her into a daddy steak dinner.  he wore a suit and tie.  it was so cute.

ice cream sundaes instead of cake.  awesome.
birthday party.  we had it at adam's office in the back room.  it was a perfect place.  no fuss no muss. :)

Mad Scientist Party!

Looking for volunteers.

super great Mad Scientist.


anne was going to have water dumped on her...but there was some sort of a chemical reaction and it didn't happen. too cute.      .
they were so good....watching with bated breath.

making goo to take home. 

mee maws famous cupcakes.  green icing for the theme of science anne said. :)

the whole gang.

birthday girl in her glory....
i highly recommend the Mad Science company that we used.  Anne does the program at her school after school hours and is in love with it.  This was one of the best parties I have seen in a while.  Very interactive and exciting.  Well worth it.  If the weather would have been warm, I would have done it in the back yard or on the deck...but February in MO isn't suited for that. :)

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