Sunday, February 3, 2013


the snow finally came...
the girls, for christmas, got snow suits, boots, and sleds.
and we really haven't had one lousy snow to use any one of those things.
i heard it was 'supposed' to snow over night and up to 3 inches in some areas.
i didn't buy it. not for a second.
i stayed up late reading and looked out right before going to bed...
IT WAS SNOWING and it was going to be a decent one! 
this morning the girls got up and said MOMMY IT SNOWED!
they played nicely all early morning, not making one mention of going out.
i was going to maybe not mention it either...
but i didn't think that was nice.
i got them all bundled up.  kate says kind of quietly, 'what happens if you have to go potty?'
WHO has to go potty?  little kate's hand went up...i do.
ha.  no big deal, we just stripped off 3 layers, went potty, and put them all back on.
gotta love that kid.

p.s....sleds stayed in the garage...adam is out of town and i am NOT brave enough to conquer that without him...he is the parent that stands at the bottom to catch them...and i'm not very good at steering a i was thinking we better just leave those there. HA! :)

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