Saturday, February 16, 2013

a mystery....

last monday.  kate came home from school.  she had lost her bottom tooth. 
it was her second, and we knew it was loose. BUT, the mystery is...
she didn't know she lost it and she didn't know where it went.

adam called me at work to tell me that she had several different ideas to her story...
i sent her teacher a text messsage  who promptly responded 'call when you can'.
so i got my students snuggly on their buses and called beth.

mrs. k said that she had not a clue when kate lost the tooth or where it went because they just 'noticed' it was gone.  the teachers each noticed at different times and kate just innocently said 'it happened awhile ago'...we all know to a preschool that could mean last week, last night, or 4 minutes ago.

we all got a huge kick out of it and proceeded to write the toothfairy a note. :)

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