Thursday, May 26, 2011


it's me.
pretty soon my mom is going to fuss at me that i haven't written anything.
it's busy here.
anne's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow. 
i can't believe it.
i think i might cry.
i'm not kidding.
i thought kate had an ear infection today.
i interrupted my mothers day off so she took her to the doc. 
there is nothing wrong with kate, her ears are fine...maybe next time i will let her complain an extra day or three.
good by 25 dollars to a copay.
hello security that we should have a decent weekend.
truth be known, it's been a tough week.
the tornadic activity in mo is too much for the strongest of souls.
for anyone that may know of a storm-a-phobe ask's been a tough week.
luckily, anne's fear has taught me to snap out of mine.
we had rough storms yesterday, but once again, made it.
anne was brave.  sort of.
so soon, very soon. i'll be back.
i don't know when. ;)
but i will be.
after tomorrow there are only 5 more school days for me.
that is a long time to have to do crowd control.
it is.  a really long time.
it really is.
but we will make it.
we always do.
and i'll cry when the buses pull away, behind my shades, like i always do.  so no one notices.
it's me.  i can't help it.
happy almost weekend....
~chat soon!

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