Monday, May 9, 2011

the weekend. day one.

Kate hit a HOLE IN ONE.  seriously, it's like bowling for me...i can hardly get in on the green let alone in the hole.

not in love with golfing...mother's daughter...

total love birds...


this weekend we took a trip to trout lodge.
it isn't far away from home.  we have heard others talk about it.
we have never gone.
we bought a weekend stay at the auction for anne's school back in February and decided to use it this weekend.
i was a little nervous this week. i had never been. i was worried it would be like a weird movie where we all had to sit around and sing campfire songs etc. (not that there is anything wrong with that, i just wasn't sure i wanted to do it.)
we left mid day friday.
drove there.  and instantly fell in love.
there were more activities then we could possibly accomplish.
everything was safe.  you really aren't encouraged to drive, so the children can run around as they wish....
we did some scouting around friday, and into the evening and then mapped out the rest of the trip....
boat rides, carriage rides, pony rides, splashing in the lake,  playing in the sand, crafts galore, movie night...complete with hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies (we were watching CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY of course!), bike riding, mini golf, shuffleboard.  the list goes on and one.
we even committed to going at least one more time this summer.  just for a short jaunt.
it is perfect for that.
oh, and did i mention, no t.v.'s, phones, or computers??????
that means anyone that happens to be work-a-holic can totally relax and rejuvenate.
it was AWESOME!
i'll share more.
~chat soon!

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  1. AWESOME!!!!! I had a HUNCH you would LOVE IT!!! :)