Sunday, May 22, 2011

steppin' out of the box.-updated. spellchecked!

a few months ago, I got a phone call.
it was from my parents neighbor.
she was getting married.
she wanted me to be the photographer.
room got fuzzy, fast, and for a very long time.
i said yes.
then i thought....
i fretted, i sweated, i worried, i cussed....i fretted, did i say i cussed?
i was so incredible worried about my lack of experience, i could have barfed.
yesterday came.  i didn't sleep much the night before.
my partner in crime, michelle and i got there insanely early.
i gave myself a mental pep talk and away we went.
it turned out good.
if i do say so myself.
i enjoyed it, i loved it actually.  it was a different kind of work.  it was hard, but it was easy, all in the same breath.  weird huh?
anyway, so i stepped out of the box.
luckily, i didn't fall out of the box. 
i'm proud of myself.  not that i took the pictures, but that i did something so different then what i'm used to.
remember, my word for the year is determined.
i'm not sure how exactly the word determined fits with taking photos at a wedding.
but, trust me, i was determined!

i will stick a few pictures on here soon.  still sorting and editing...
~Chat soon!

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