Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i signed up for a technology class that is held one day a week for 4 weeks throughout the month of may.
as i told my mother today, in march, that always sounds like a grand idea.
now that it is may, i really would rather scratch the idea but....i have a loyalty issue, so i keep going...
because of the class.
i ate Chinese for lunch-yumm!!!!!
i got to go to a kick butt book sale through scholastic and purchase new books for my new grade and new classroom. (gulp.)
picked up four 1 dollar books for the which they both screeched YOU ARE THE BEST MOMMA EVER!
got to pick anne up from school from the parking lot, not after school care.
had a hot fudge sundae with anne at mcdonalds before picking up kate. (mean, i know.)
got anne to gymnastics on time and without huffing or sweating (bonus!)
and ended the day with a Chinese dinner (i had it on the menu, it was yummy, orange chicken, but it had snow peas and i hate snow peas, almost as much as the dentist....but i made it through and it was good.  easy.  maybe i'll share it to the 2 people that read this thing...)
so that is that.
i also didn't have a headache...which is a  i have had a bum tooth for quite sometime and apparently it has been giving me headaches.  yesterday i faced my fear right down and went and got it fixed.  thanks to a root canal i have the ability to CHEW ANYTHING (within reason) on that side of my mouth.,...but that is a whole 'nother post!
enough rambling for this day.
~chat soon!

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