Monday, May 30, 2011

that was fun.

we spent the weekend with my parents at the 'country house' (we're still looking for a name, right mom?!)
it was soooo much fun.
of course almost too much fun, and those types of weekends make it tough to come back home and face the real world.  yuck.
but we are here now. 
i have picked up most of the house.
the girls have chilled out a little with their favorite little buddy caillou on t.v.
and i'm awaiting nap time-for the girls.
and another chapter in the book i'm reading.
i took a ton of pictures. duh.
i'll post them little by  little.
last leg of school for me this week.
but have tons of stuff to do with not one extra minute to do it.
the pressure is on and so is the stomach ache.
happy memorial day!
~chat soon!

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