Wednesday, August 24, 2011

are you there...

it's me sara.
i haven't written anything for awhile.
but it's okay.
things are good.
very good.
just busy.
we are all trying very hard to get into the new school year routine.
we are doing okay.
not great.
but getting there.
today is wednesday.
last week at this time, i had just gotten home with anne and her broken arm, and my mom was still sitting in the waiting room of the e.r. to get her accident injuries checked out.
this wednesday, has been, calm. to say the least. ;)
2nd grade is good.  i'm catching on.
i'm still floundering, but each day is getting better.
i think.
this weekend, we don't have one thing on the calendar.
don't tell anyone.
because that is how it is going to stay.
i may stay in my jammies.
but probably not, because i promised the girls one more trip to the pool.
before the official end of summer.
so that is it.
things are good.
i have lots to catch up on, pictures to post, fun stuff to share about the new treetop ent. local etc....
but it needs to wait.
i have reading placement tests to grade.
and i need to make sure anne has a school uniform to wear for tomorrow.
and i need to see what i am going to wear....
and i need to pack our lunches....
and i need to have anne to read to me...
and i need to....
and i need to....
and i need to....
~chat soon!

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